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Welcome to our Archive of Short Story (SS) and Flash Fiction (FF) Finalists for 2015


Trolley Trance by Christine Johnson (FF)

A Madman’s Lullaby by Stevie-Lee Alver (SS)


A Slice of Paradise by Alex Reece Abbott (SS)

Dry Desert Grass by Willa Hogarth (FF)

Huntress by Irene Buckler (FF)


The Secret Beach by Fernanda Dahlstrom (FF)

Kelly’s Garden by Lisa Fritz (SS)


All the Strange Things, They Come and Go as Early Warnings by Stephen Wright (FF)

The Mower Man by Rachel Sweasey (SS)

The Lonely Night by David Howell (SS)


Joey Buddah by Simon Van der Velde (FF)

May – February:

Grief and all its devices by Shreyas Chaudhary (SS)

Decay by Harrison Minnikin (SS)

The Spinner by Laura McGeoch (SS)

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