Steps to Fix the Microsoft Error Code [pii_email_07e5245661e6869f8bb4]

Steps to Fix the Microsoft Error Code [pii_email_07e5245661e6869f8bb4]

Fixing the Microsoft Error Code [pii_email_07e5245661e6869f8bb4]

The Microsoft Outlook error code [pii_email_07e5245661e6869f8bb4] shows up when you try to open the email. Several reasons trigger this error. It mostly happens due to corruption or improper configuration in Outlook profile settings. Here, we discuss some quick and effective ways to resolve this error:

This is one of the major causes which lead to this particular issue. Ensure that all your profile details are correctly configured and not corrupted at any point. You can check this option via Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles. If there are more than one accounts listed here, select the required account type which you are using to send/receive emails. Click on the ‘Properties’ button to open the properties of this account. Go to the Security tab and put a tick mark against the “Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” option under the Network security settings section.

Why Do These Errors Occur?

Hardware failure is the most common cause of Microsoft Outlook problems. Third-party software or faulty drivers can also trigger these errors. Sometimes it’s because of the application’s installation procedure or other software installed on your computer. Errors may also be caused by a variety of reasons, including problems with Internet access or PST corruption.

Methods to Fix the Microsoft Outlook Errors Like

Method 1: Clear the Cache and Cookies

clear cache and cookies

Open browser and select Tools > Internet Options. Click on the ‘Delete’ button under the Browsing History section. Now, click on the ‘Delete Cookies’ option listed below the Temporary Internet Files section. Click on the ‘Delete Cookies’ button once again to confirm this deletion process. Now, click on ‘OK’ twice to get out of this window.

Go over to your Outlook browser window where you are receiving these errors using for that particular activation. Again open the Tools menu and click on the Options option this time. Click on the ‘Settings’ button from the pop-up window. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab from the Internet Properties dialog box. Under Advanced, select the Override automatic cookie handling option. Now mark a tick mark against Accept Cookies from the sites option. Click on OK to save these changes and close all windows back to their original state.

Method 2: Scan your Computer for Malware

Sometimes Microsoft Outlook errors occur due to viruses within your computer system or any other malware that you have downloaded onto your system without knowing about it. Therefore, you must opt for a scan of your entire system by using a reliable antivirus program with real-time protection features enabled into it, which tools > Internet Options menu followed by deleting all the cookies from there.

This method is effective in some specific cases. If you have opted for this method and still receive the same errors, use Method 2 to fix it.

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Method 3: Reinstall the Outlook Software on Your System

Suppose you are not receiving any error messages. Still, you want to make sure whether anything goes wrong with your Outlook software installation or activation process, uninstall your Outlook software (if you are using Windows 10, check here how you can uninstall Microsoft Windows 10 Mail App). After uninstalling the application restart your computer to remove all traces of this software. Download and install a brand new copy of Outlook onto your system. Check if this fixed the issue by trying to activate it again through Office 365 (Note: This may require re-entering your Office 365 account details).

You can uninstall the outlook software through these steps:

Go to your ‘Start’ menu and click on ‘Settings.’ Now, go over to the ‘Apps’ section and select the ‘Microsoft Outlook app.’ Click on ‘Uninstall at the top of this window. Restart your computer after uninstalling this application.

  1. Open Microsoft and shut down Outlook.
  2. Close all the windows and accounts that you are using.
  3. Update all features of Microsoft 365.
  4. Restart the computer.
  5. Check for updates again.
  6. After updating, restart the computer.
  7. Open and check if the upgrade solved the issue or not [if yes, the problem is fixed].

Method 4: Using the Auto repair tools

microsoft auto repair tool

Auto repair tools are very effective in detecting the problem, and they will automatically fix it for you. These tools also help in detecting the error in the application. You can use any of these tools to correct your problem quickly.

Outlook Repair Tool is one of them that scans your entire computer system and identifies the errors occurring with Outlook on your system. The tool has many advanced features that fix the errors and detect them in future states when they occur again. This is why it is considered one of the best Auto repair tools available to provide services compatible with all versions of Outlook software programs on both Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

Method 5: Using Microsoft Fix It Center

Microsoft Fix It Center is a quick and straightforward troubleshooting tool that detects and solves problems in your Microsoft software, such as Microsoft Office. Fix-It performs maintenance automatically or shows step-by-step instructions for how to solve the problem yourself. You can download this from Microsoft’s official website, which you want as per your needs as this operates on all Outlook versions.

For example, if you are using Windows 10 and requesting an outlook app to be installed, follow these steps: Go over to the Start menu by clicking on the ‘Start button and select All Apps, which is present at the bottom of that window. Click over Microsoft Outlook under all apps to open it and go to settings (if prompted). Then, click on ‘Uninstall,’ which is present at the top of the screen. Now, restart your computer after uninstalling this application.

Go to Microsoft fix it webpage on your browser and click on the start scan option if pop-ups do not prompt you. If prompted for admin rights, click on the continue button, then scan now; after scanning, select next to continue with the fixing process or fine finish if you don’t want to fix automatically.


These are the main five methods which are used for fixing this problem quickly. If your problem is fixed with any of these steps, you can always check whether it has been fixed or not by trying to activate Microsoft 365 again after four hours. We hope that all your problems related to Outlook have been resolved with these simple steps given above in detail; if you have any other problems out of this, feel free to contact us using the comment section provided below!


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