Solving the [pii_email_027301e7af80ce24cbce] Error Code 

Solving the [pii_email_027301e7af80ce24cbce] Error Code

Do you want to know how to fix [pii_email_027301e7af80ce24cbce] issue? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place.

Microsoft Outlook is, without a doubt, one of the most essential elements of communication in our lives. Sometimes things go well, and other situations arise where we may get errors [pii_email_027301e7af80ce24cbce]. This is one of those problems that we will want to look at resolving.

The specific possible reasons behind the occurrence of error code are lengthy lists, including corruption in registry, corrupted system files, malware invasion, unusual startup process, etc. Among all these, some simple solutions can be quickly resolved by following exact steps or applying effective software.

One of the best solutions for this kind of error code is to apply a new version of the Windows operating system, which will automatically detect and fix all the issues. If you don’t want to take help of the latest window in your computer, you can use the Microsoft outlook repair tool, which will remove all existing errors from the registry and provide an immaculate system.

Ways to fix error [pii_email_027301e7af80ce24cbce] code

Finding a workable and practical answer to a person’s problem is vital. The four simple approaches for resolving error pop up issues are as follows:

First method: Updation of the Microsoft Outlook

If you use the latest version of Microsoft outlook with the best suitable window operating system, it is possible to solve all problems automatically. In this method, one should follow some necessary steps as follows:

Launch Outlook and make sure that it is running fine by going through options  > click “email accounts”  > click “account name”  > then click “change.”

Choose the updates option available in automatic mode and wait for a few minutes before closing it completely. Make sure if you have made changes correctly or not, do a final check from the same menu where you have been selected earlier. If there is no change in the setting window, choose delayed update or manual updates from the desktop screen shortcut.

If it is not working, don’t worry; you can take the help of the Microsoft outlook repair tool; it will resolve all errors in minimum time.

Second method: Clearing the cookies and cache

clear cache and cookies

Many users complain that they cannot get rid of an error, even after using the first method. In this case, one should take the help of cookies and cache removal software which will work in two ways: either fix Outlook entirely or make it run more efficiently. The best feature is that software takes significantly less time to resolve issues.

Go to the start menu, then go for the ‘run’ option where you must type ‘ifs32.exe’. After clicking ok system file will be opened in a separate window; find their “privacy” tab and choose “delete all offline content”. This will delete all the temporary data created by Outlook.

If errors are not resolved in this way, go for a third option available in the market.

Third Method: Using the debug tool

One of the most critical problems in an email account is the continuous stop working issue. This method is effective when one wants to identify and resolve issues that are causing errors:

Launch Outlook and click on ‘tools’ > move the cursor over ‘Debug’ then choose “Enable Debug” from the drop-down menu. Clicking on it will enable debugging mode where you have to select anyone from the following options:

Once done with checking all details, turn off debugging by clicking on an option named “Disable Debug”. Using this method not only resolves the issue but also develops your system speed.

Fourth method: Using Microsoft repair tool

microsoft auto repair tool

This is one of the reliable tools which can resolve all sorts of errors because it was developed after profound research on the working process of Outlook. This application will work in three steps:

One can get rid of all kinds of bugs by using this software. It has many other unique features like automatic updates, high-definition scanning algorithms, etc. All you have to do is download it and follow some necessary steps. After finishing the installation process, restart your PC or laptop so that changes are applied completely. Then open this tool > choose apply repairs > wait for a few seconds for the scanning process to complete > if errors are resolved, click on finish.

It is hard to get rid of issues because it keeps appearing over and over again. But with the help of the above steps, the problem will be resolved and enhance Outlook performance, making it more reliable.

Fifth method to fix error [pii_email_027301e7af80ce24cbce]: Removing third party email application

This is the most reliable way to eliminate errors, but one must consider it after checking all other methods. It works in two steps:

First, go to the control panel > open email accounts > then select account name and remove it. Then restart your device and check whether issues are resolved or not.

If the above method does not work, click on the desktop shortcut of the product and choose the “Delete Data” option available near the user’s profile picture. Follow instructions on the screen and ensure that you do not skip any step while resolving problems using this feature.

Finally, turn off debugging mode by going ‘tools’ >> move the cursor over ‘debug’ >> choose “disable debug.” If this method resolves errors, then automatically, Microsoft outlook will be working as well as before.


Through all these methods, some errors can be resolved, but if they are not working, skip those steps and go for the most reliable one, which is a third-party application available on the internet or a Microsoft tool used to resolve issues related to its Outlook version. Removing unwanted email applications is the best method because it does not let any software hinder your system’s performance. It enhances the speed and reliability of work done by MS outlook. This will ensure that no error occurs again in the future, making work smoother than ever before.


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