Module 8 Investigating Theme

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In this course, participants will investigate the nature of theme in narrative, particularly in relation to the difference between theme and topic. They will also learn and practise techniques for delivering theme, including the use of symbolism, literary allusion, and character development/change. Consisting of three units, this module contains numerous writing exercises, along with recommended readings and short film viewings.


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Investigating Theme
This is a single module (the eighth within the Emerging Writers' Course) that investigates theme. Participants will learn about the nature of theme as it manifests in narrative, along with the difference between theme and topic. Techniques for refining and delivering theme will be studied and practised. Participants will also learn about forging connections between characterisation and theme development. Consisting of three units, this module contains a variety of writing exercises, as well as recommended readings.
Module 1 Investigating Theme  
Unit 1 Introduction to Theme (for Single Module)
Unit 2 Techniques for Delivering Theme (For Single Module)
Unit 3 Theme and Character Development (for Single Module)


All module participants will be invited to submit a piece of short fiction or memoir up to 2,000 words for possible publication in an e-anthology.


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