Module 7 Investigating Dialogue

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In this module, participants will learn about the different types of dialogue, as well as the functions of dialogue in narrative. Participants will reflect upon the qualities of great dialogue and be coached on how to correctly format dialogue. Consisting of three units, this module will provide participants with various writing exercises, along with recommended readings and short film viewings.


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Investigating Dialogue
This is a single module (the seventh within the Emerging Writers' Course) that investigates types of dialogue. Participants will also consider the various roles fulfilled by dialogue in fiction, including its capacity to drive plot forward, increase tension and flesh out characters. Participants will study features of great dialogue and be coached in relation to correct formatting. Consisting of three units, this module contains a variety of writing exercises, as well as recommended readings and viewings.
Module 1 Investigating Dialogue  
Unit 1 The Types of Dialogue (for Single Module)
Unit 2 Functions of Dialogue (for Single Module)
Unit 3 Features of Great Dialogue (for Single Module)


All module participants will be invited to submit a piece of short fiction or memoir up to 2,000 words for possible publication in an e-anthology.


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