Module 2 Investigating the Short Fiction Form

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Consisting of three separate units, this module examines the mechanics of short fiction, guiding participants through an analysis of short story and flash fiction, which are differentiated from prose poetry. Participants will be shown effective approaches and techniques related to writing short fiction. This module provides participants with several writing exercises, the outcomes of which can be shared on the FoW Emerging Writers Chat Group. This unit is accompanied by a number of recommended short/flash fiction readings.


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Investigating the Short Fiction Form
This is a single module (the second within the Emerging Writers' Course) that covers units concerning forms of short fiction. Participants will learn about and compare the difference/s between short stories, flash fiction and prose poetry. Participants are also coached in techniques related to crafting short stories and flash fiction. Consisting of three units, this module contains various writing exercises.
Module 1 Investigating the Short Fiction Form  
Unit 1 Comparing Short Stories, Flash Fiction and Prose Poetry (for Single Module)
Unit 2 Writing Short Stories (for Single Module)
Unit 3 Writing Flash Fiction (for Single Module)


All module participants will be invited to submit a piece of short fiction or memoir up to 2,000 words for possible publication in an e-anthology.


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