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The Young Writers’ Program is written and delivered by Dr Eileen Herbert-Goodall. Eileen is a published author and has taught as a high school teacher and a university tutor/lecturer.

Eileen visits schools located in Southeast Queensland (primarily the Sunshine Coast), to train/mentor kids in the craft of creative writing and editing. She can run writing workshops that span across weeks, or hours, depending on the requirements of schools and students.

Below you’ll find the work of her students on display…

Congrat’s to the students of Matthew Flinders Anglican College, who have prepared stories for the 2017 anthology:



Matthew Flinders Anglican College Anthology, 2016:


MF Anthology2016


Siena Catholic College Anthology, 2016:




More About the Program

The Outstanding Young Writers’ Program runs for 6 – 8 weeks/sessions and is delivered to students attending middle or high school. Classes are usually held after school on the school grounds and run for around 2 hours per session. The program covers fundamental aspects of creative writing, including plot development, structure, setting, theme, characterisation, publishing…and more. Participants will have a short story published in an anthology posted to this website (see above). The cost of this particular program ranges from $175 – $200 per student, depending on the program’s length/schedule.

Eileen also offers school writing workshops that run for just a few hours and cover essential techniques behind awesome storytelling. If you’re interested in more information, contact field of words using the form below, or email: