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Field of Words will be releasing its inaugural creative collection, ‘Offshoots’ at the end of this year, or by early next year (2018).

The publication will showcase the works of emerging writers who are, or have been, students of Eileen’s (if enrolled in our Emerging Writers’ Course, or if they have studied with Eileen elsewhere). All participants/students will be invited to submit a piece of fiction, memoir, or poetry (up to 2000 words in length) for consideration and possible publication. ‘Offshoots‘ will also feature work by a guest writer, as well as artists and photographers from around the world. We’re already lining artists up!

The creative collection will be published (and freely accessible on the website) in electronic form when we have enough entries. It will also be possible to order print copies ‘on demand’ for a minimal cost through the Field of Words website. ‘Offshoots‘ is intended to be an annual publication and will be promoted via our social media channels.