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A Few Introductions…

Dr. Herbert-GoodallThis site and the associated Field of Words organisation is run by Dr Eileen Herbert-Goodall, an experienced writer, editor and creative writing educator. Committed to providing emerging writers with an opportunity to have their work published on a global scale, Eileen aims to distribute practical information and tips that will help writers grow. As an award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction, Eileen’s work has been published in many literary journals and magazines. Eileen holds a Doctorate of Creative Arts, which she earned at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Her novella The Sherbrooke Brothers was released in February 2017. She is presently working on a second novella, as well as a collection of short stories.



Shastra Deo

A co-judge of the Field of Words writing competitions is Shastra Deo. Born in Fiji and raised in Melbourne, Shastra is now based in Brisbane. She holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Writing and English Literature, First Class Honours and a University Medal in Creative Writing, and a Master of Arts in Writing, Editing and Publishing from The University of Queensland. Her work has appeared in Peril, Uneven Floor, Wildness, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of the 2016 Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. Her debut collection, The Agonist, was released UQP in August 2017.



Laura Petenuzzo is a Reader and Assistant to Eileen. She lives in Southeastern Victoria, Australia. She holds a Bachelor in Pyschological Science and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology at Monash University. She is a freelance writer and has volunteered as a Reader and Assistant Editor for Busybird Publishing.





The Sherbrooke Brothers is a powerful coming-of-age story that blends elements of gothic fiction and contemporary literature. Delivering parallel storylines, the narrative portrays the life-changing experiences of seventeen-year-old Alex and his older brother Rob as they embark upon separate journeys. Both young men face challenges that stretch their inner strength and mental resolve to breaking point. Ultimately, they meet radically different fates, demonstrating the power of choice to shape individual destiny.

“The Sherbrooke Brothers is a unique and startling novella. How do the brothers work their way out of the devilish pact they find themselves in? Who will survive – and at what cost? A truly engrossing thriller. Go there, but you may never return.” Professor Gary Crew

“Brotherhood, relationships and masculinity. The Sherbrooke Brothers is a moving and insightful read for anyone intrigued by the deep connections and bonds that can exist between humans.” Dr Naomi Stekelenburg  

The Sherbrooke Brothers