How To Fix [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] Error Solved

How To Fix [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] Error Solved

The [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] error is a condition that can originate from Microsoft Outlook client. The presence of this issue influences email-related attributes like sign-in, sending and obtaining mails, etc. It may appear at random times. Before we move forward to look at how you can troubleshoot this error, let us first understand the causes of the problem:

Microsoft Updates

This type of error usually appears when your computer fails to connect with the Outlook server because of SSL authority. To solve the issue, you will need to upgrade and install the latest and updated version (and all other critical updates) on your Windows PC or laptop.

Email Proxy Connection

When there is a problem with email connectivity ( and the error pops up), you must ensure that your connection does not go through any proxy server.

Network Connectivity

You may also face this Outlook error if your computer or laptop cannot connect to the network, preventing it from connecting to the Microsoft Exchange mail server. In such cases, you need to check all the cables and restart your system entirely.

Error in Registry

This type of error usually occurs when Windows OS fails to connect with the Outlook server because of incorrect registry entries on your PC/laptop. To solve the issue, you must update and install the latest version on a PC/Laptop.

Corrupt OS File

If OS files get damaged for some reason, then some components like profile, registry, DLL files, etc, may also get affected and stop working correctly. This results in errors while accessing or using any email-related attributes; to solve this problem, you must check your system for errors by running the windows check disk command.

Invalid Outlook Profile

Suppose you are unable to access the mail account on the Outlook application despite having correct login credentials (username & password). In that case, it may be because of a corrupt Outlook profile associated with that email account. To resolve the issue, delete the current Outlook profile file from Windows OS and create a new profile with the correct username & password.

Delete Malicious Emails

There is also a possibility that the error pops up due to some malicious spam emails that have corrupted your email server settings. To fix this problem, you need to delete all the spam emails in your inbox.

What Are the Reasons that are causing [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] mistake?

  • The following are some indisputable reasons why the mistake might be made:
  • A mistake may occur when a customer uses multiple records without clearing the store and treating them in sequence.
  • It might also be a result of an incorrectly established Microsoft Outlook software on the device.
  • The error occurs in Outlook; if it’s not updated, the most recent form may be the one to blame.
  • The customer may not be able to identify the mistake. In such situations, the assistance team can help the greatest with determining why something happened.

4 Ways to fix mistake [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba]

Finding a good and effective solution to the problem an individual is facing is critical. The four basic techniques for resolving mistake spring problems are next:

First technique to fix mistake [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] : Updation of the Microsoft Outlook

  • Not being refreshed with the most recent variant can be the primary glitch from the client end.
  • Check to see whether your PC or Outlook is compatible with the most up-to-date version. If it underpins, update Outlook and uninstall any old versions.
  • Alternatively, you can delete and replace the affected documents to restore them in the new format.
  • If another Microsoft Office is released, one may need to return to the fundamentals and update any necessary documents.
  • If Outlook makes a mistake, move to a more straightforward document. If Outlook indeed shows a mistake, contact client service.

Second technique to fix mistake [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] : Clearing the treats and reserve

  • Another essential thing for the consumers to know is that the treats and store should be cleared.
  • To erase the Outlook treats and save a file, open File and pick “Clear Outlook Treats and Reserve.”
  • Log out of the Microsoft Outlook accounts after completing them. If one has numerous records, log out of each one.
  • If the problem persists, restart or shut down the PC and start it up again. Log into your Microsoft account. It should be resolved now.
  • If the mistake continues, select the third alternative and address it.

Third strategy to fix blunder [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] : Choosing an auto fix device

microsoft auto repair tool

  • It is a device that aids in the planned treatment and repair of an issue in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go to the control board and the equipment’s capacity arrangement for checking product insights.
  • Set up and launch the Office 365 app, select the Microsoft maintenance option.
  • Change the catch to something else near the program’s start, and select the type of repair required.
  • Remove the tool and put it back in its storage location. Snap-on a repair and follow the instructions on the screen of the window. Attempting to adapt to via a wireless connection
  • Take a shot at restarting Microsoft Outlook. If the program doesn’t function, contact an expert for assistance.

Fourth strategy to fix blunder [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] : Removing outsider email application

multiple mails

  • More often than not, the operation of Microsoft Outlook is disrupted when something beyond what one email program can block is encountered.
  • This is due to the rivalry between two email clients, and it causes problems at any time someone uses it.
  • To guarantee a more effective PC, you must remove the computer’s untrustworthy source or outsider program.
  • If the error has been resolved, recheck it by bringing Microsoft Outlook back to check whether anything has changed.
  • There may be several causes for a comparison blunder in different clients’ working devices. The ideal approach is to use practical and little solutions on the client end to look for faults. If not, client service is consistently in administration!


In this way, we have investigated the four techniques for settling mistakes [pii_email_bd49696e1d43ab5b60ba] in Outlook. When confronting a similar issue with you, explore these alternatives and make a move. It is advisable to contact client service to seek professionals’ help if an individual can’t figure out how to fix the issue. They are accessible for helping you with whatever problem that might occur while using Microsoft Outlook on your PC.

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