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We’re happy to announce that our flash fiction finalists for June are Abbey Hunt for ‘Absent City’, and Alex Reece Abbott for ‘Women’s Business’. Read their work below:


 ‘Absent City’ by Abbey Hunt…There’s not much light left coming through the trees. I forgot to hang out my washing. My neighbor’s kid is crying and I sit here, listening to the crowsRead more(Pic by Michael Pardo.)


‘Women’s Business’ by Alex Reece Abbott… My grandmother’s words are stitched to my heart with blackberry thorns.
In sun and cloud, I trail behind her, wandering the autumn countryside in search of free fruit.Read more.


Our flash fiction May finalists are Kathy George for ‘The Last Time’, Tiffany Plummer for ‘Trail’, and ‘Cathedrals of Eucalypt’ by Jackie Trott:


‘The Last Time’ by Kathy George…The last time I saw Seamus was in Tasmania in the pub. It was low-ceilinged and timbered the dark slate passage to the W.C. smelling of piss…read more.


‘Trail’ by Tiffany Plummer…He’s running low in the reeds when the bullet splits his thigh muscle and lodges deep into the femur. A second later his feet are gone from under him and his body slams into wet more.


‘Cathedrals of Eucalypt’ by Jackie Trott…One hundred eyes track skies as they wait for her. Their shoulders ache under a sadistic sun, scorching without remorse. The day is followed by night with no relief…read more.