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The Emerging Writers’ Course (Short Fiction) is now available. Browse through the course by clicking here.

There are no prerequisites or formal learning qualifications required to participate in this course. Conducted online via this website, the course consists of 8 modules, each containing three separate video-based lessons that take around 10 – 15 min’s to complete (not including assigned writing exercises, readings and short film viewings). The modules cover a range of subject matter, including sourcing/generating ideas, plot development, story structure, characterisation, setting, point of view, dialogue, theme, symbolism, and more. Participants can choose to complete the entire course for $495 AUD, or simply purchase a single module for $69.95 AUD.

This course (and single modules) places a strong emphasis upon practising writing skills/techniques. Participants will be given writing exercises/prompts and encouraged to share their creative output on the FoW Emerging Writers’ Chat Group on Facebook. This group will only be accessible to course participants.

All participants will be invited to submit a piece of fiction or memoir (up to 2,000 words in length) to our upcoming publication,Emergence‘, which will showcase pieces produced by those who have purchased the Emerging Writers’ Course in entirety, or just a single module. This creative collection will also feature work by a guest writer, as well as artists and photographers from around the world. The first edition ‘Emergencewill be published (and freely accessible) in electronic form in early 2018. 

The course has been designed by Dr Eileen Herbert-Goodall, a highly experienced creative writing educator, editor, and published author. All participants will be able to directly email her for guidance and assistance.



Register your interest in the Emerging Writers’ Course now!