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We’re delighted to announce that the short story March finalists are William Jensen for ‘Preface to a Review’, Gary Steel for ‘Polished Honey’, Julia Thatcher for ‘Insomnia’, and Darren Wells for ‘Message in a Bottle’. You’ll find links to all of our short story finalists below:


‘Preface to a Review’ by William Jensen…By way of a brief preface to this review of Cadaverous Obstetrics’ bubbly new long-player ‘Decanting the Putrid Remains’ I would like to explain that I am not a professional critic...Read more.


‘Polished Honey’ by Gary Steel…Stan’s head is cloudy and his eyes are gritty and he carefully unwraps himself from sheets, from lover’s arms. He stands by the bed looking back at the confusion of sheets. Read more.


‘Insomnia’ by Julia Thatcher…The police station is dirty and grey and tired. We enter slowly. The constable behind
the counter ignores us because he is on the phone. Read more.


‘Message in a Bottle’ by Darren Wells…Normally Danny Redwood wouldn’t be out this late, especially on a school night. But this was important. He had the money, and the address given to him from his friend Brian… Read more.


The February Finalists are Kathy George for ‘Telling a Weed from a Flower’, and Andy Swales for ‘The Reluctant Visitor’.


‘Telling a Weed from a Flower’ by Kathy George…Miss Louw walked the aisles between our desks, mannish arms folded across a flat chest, narrow tweed skirt rustling against stockinged legs. Read more.



‘The Reluctant Visitor’ by Andy Swales…Hardacre sat at his kitchen table, a blank stare trained on the window opposite. The view wasn’t much, but he was lost in it all the same. Read more.