Choosing the Best Kitchen Knives Sets

TheĀ best reviewed kitchen knives sets are usually those that are best bought by the majority of consumers and have a high standard when it comes to craftsmanship. There are a number of manufacturers that have been in business for a long time producing high quality products, but they have not managed to establish any level of repute or celebrity status like the makers of Wusthof, Schrade and Kershaw. These brands are a long way from being household names and their brands to provide a very high standard when it comes to creating top quality kitchen cutlery. They have been making knives for decades now and their products have been passed on from generation to generation, making them virtually indestructible and with unparalleled quality and durability.

best kitchen knives sets


These manufacturers produce blades of exceptional quality. Some of their designs even suggest usage as a carving knife and for heavier duty cutting purposes. The Wusthof Professional series is one of the most famous lines and even though it is aimed at the professional chef the use of the blade and its weight to ensure that it is extremely comfortable to use even for the amateur chef. The blade is made of a high grade of carbon steel that ensures a comfortable handle that can handle the chopping needs of the chef.

The Wusthof Professional series also has a lifetime warranty against rust so you know that if it does get damaged you will not have to buy another set right away. The blades of these knives are precision welded so they have superb sharpness for chopping, slicing and handling with ease. The blade balances can be adjusted easily and come with a flipper that makes it easy to open and close the knife even while wearing gloves. The Schrade kitchen knives also have an adjustable blade balance that ensures the knife remains sharp for longer. It comes with a special safety cap that is fully lockable to ensure the highest safety standards.

The hand held models of these knives have a number of innovative features. The sheath is designed to protect the blades at all times so when they are not in use the knives get protected from dirt, moisture and dust. The handles have a slip resistant feature that prevents the knives from becoming damaged by slips and falls. The blades are also treated with a high grade of stain resistance and are capable of cutting through many different types of food and materials that regular knives cannot cut through.

The steak knives in these sets come with a multi-purpose knife block that is designed to hold many different types of knives. The knife block’s design is ergonomically designed to provide a firm hold onto the knife. The handle has a comfortable fit for the handles and will allow you to control the knife effectively during every stage of cooking. The knives come with rubberized handles and the backs come with a durable stitch and buckle securing device so the knife will last for a very long time. The Schrade Platinum knife block has a lifetime warranty and is made from the finest stainless steel material available.

The Santec Go Rhino 2.0 is another great product that is perfect for chopping and slicing. The Santec Go Rhino handle is constructed of a hard wearing stainless steel frame that has an aggressive textured design. The handle features a finger guard that allows you to shop safely around your family and while working in a busy kitchen. This Santec knife is very sharp and the blade comes with a 10 blade edge for quick and efficient chopping and slicing. The blade is also serrated for even more efficiency.