Bad search results? Google points this out and gives tips for improvement

Your next Google search result could start by saying that the search engine does not think the results displayed are good. You will also receive tips on how the result could be improved.

The latest innovation, which Google has given its searchers according to a report by The Verge , sounds unnecessary at first glance. The search engine giant wants to give a hint on its results pages in the future if it does not consider a result listing to be optimal. How can that be possible when the company scours and indexes the network every day, you might ask. The answer lies primarily in the specific search query itself.

We don’t have a perfect match for you today

“It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search” translates as “There doesn’t seem to be any perfect matches for your search”. At first glance, this sounds like a certain self-criticism on the part of the search engine operator, but on second glance it turns out to be primarily a hint to the searcher to formulate his query more precisely.

In fact, it seems inconceivable that Google cannot make a reasonable offer for a search phrase. However, especially with very generic terms, it is very common that the search result is just as generic. You have probably already started searches yourself where the results did not have much to do with your search intent. So the problem is not the quality of the search result, but the quality of the search query.

Google gives tips on how to improve search quality

Under the new note you will find tips on how to make your search more specific. Google draws your attention to useful parameters or suggests using combinations of terms that are highly likely to appear on the website you are looking for. In general, Google also links its help pages for searchers .

The new notice is primarily a service for all those who have never dealt with the further possibilities of specific search queries. It’s all still uncharted territory …

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