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Welcome to our Archive of Short Story (SS), Flash Fiction (FF), Memoir (M) and Genre/Feature (GF) winners for 2017…


The winner is Susan Bennett for Night Shift (GF)

Our joint runner up is Nathan Hewitt for The Vulture on Cornflake  (GF)

Our other joint runner up is  Ruairi Murphy for The Collared Leopard (GF)

The winner is Peta Shaw for The Leather Coat (M)

The runner up is Kathy George for Isolation (M)

The winner is Abbey Hunt for Absent City (FF)

The runner up is Jackie Trott for Cathedrals of Eucalypt (FF)

The winner is Kathy George for Telling a Weed from a Flower (SS)

The runner up is Julia Thatcher for Insomnia (SS)