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Welcome to our Archive of Genre/Feature (GF), Memoir (M), Flash Fiction (FF), Short Story (SS) Finalists for 2017…


Alex Reece Abbott for Just Right for Evie (GF)

Tara Ray for Bertie Milligan’s Ring (GF)

Richard Watson for Bye Bye (GF)

Rosie Shepherd for The Butler’s Pantry (GF)

Heather MacKenzie for Wind Back the Clocks (M)

Pagricia Swan for Days of Fear and Wonder (M)

Alex Reece Abbott for Women’s Business (FF)

Kathy George for The Last Time (FF)

Tiffany Plummer for Trail (FF)

William Jensen for Preface to a Review (SS)

Gary Steel for Polished Honey (SS)

Darren Wells for Message in a Bottle (SS)

Andy Swales for The Reluctant Visitor (SS)