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Welcome to our Archive of Short Story (SS) and Flash Fiction (FF) Finalists for 2016


John Scholz for Fingerprints (SS)

Peter Shaw for The Creek Track (SS)

Matt Hayes for Wainui (SS)

Tim Riley for Ghost in the Leaves (FF)

Lisa Morrow for Calculating Grief (FF)


Catherine Greer for Lucky (SS)

Alberto Nissim for The Boxer (SS)

Robin Archbold for The Last Tiger Whisperer (FF)

Richard Lee-Graham for Will the Panda Please Rise? (FF)


Billie Sallman for Children of the Arc (SS)

Virginia Miranda for Twittering of the Sparrows (FF)


Wanda Skowronska for Sparrows, Dentists and Cherry Brandy (SS)

Joshua Wildie for Bambi Eyes (FF)

Irene Buckler for Nightfall (FF)


Katrina Bevan for Home (SS)

Kyri Comino for Identity (SS)

Fernanda Dahlstrom for Welcome to the City (FF)


Fernanda Dahlstrom for The Story of Marianne (SS)

Emily Katherine Stoikovich for The Desert (SS)

Rod Chadbourne for Old Bomb (FF)

Fiona Skepper for Happy Hours (FF)


Sean Crawley for Pillow Talk (SS)

Alison Atherton for Tiny Treasures (FF)

Jane Ireland for A Most Literal Girl (FF)


Debi Hamilton for Don’t Play With Your Hair at the Table, it Isn’t Nice (SS)

Ray Falco for Shaping Days (SS)

Jacob Joseph for Monkey (FF)


Vanessa Wildenstein for Mother Seeking Son (SS)

Dave Slade for The Checkout (FF)

Alex Reece Abbott for Home Run (FF)


Chris Roughsedge for Sojourn (SS)

Rupert Dastur for his piece Exodus (FF)