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Welcome to our Archive of Short Story (SS) and Flash Fiction (FF) winners for 2015

Spring Round

The winner is Jodi Titley for She’ll be apples (SS)

The runner-up is Alex Reece Abbott for A Slice of Paradise (SS)

The winner is Carmel Lillis for The Hollow Heart  (FF)

The runner-up is Dave Slade for Water (FF)

Winter Round 

The winner is Shastra Deo for A body in motion  (SS)

The runner-up is Sally Ryhanen for The Bloodwood Tree  (SS)

The winner is Alicia Bakewell for Watching her sleep (FF)

The runners-up are:

Peter Newall for Charity (FF)

& Eloise Dowd for object permanence (FF)

Summer/Autumn Round 

The winner is Joanna Nell for Another Man’s Treasure (SS)

The runners-up are:

Jane Bennett for Scary-Mary (SS)

& Willa Hogarth for After Stephen (SS)