5 books to take your e-commerce forward

E-commerce beginners or professionals with further training requirements: These five books will broaden your horizons profitably.

We have filtered out worthwhile reading from the large volume of specialist literature on the subject of e-commerce, which provides both theoretical background knowledge and practical knowledge. The selected books are characterized by the fact that the authors have practical knowledge and that they convey this knowledge well in their books.

Amazon Marketplace: The manual for manufacturers and retailers

Trutz Fries and Stephan Bruns

A practical standard work for beginners in the marketplace trade on Amazon. Fries and Bruns take dealers by the hand and guide them from the first steps in registering an account, through the urgently needed process automation in online trading, to brand building on marketplaces.

Blurb: No other marketplace is currently growing as fast as the Amazon Marketplace. In order to survive as a trader on this marketplace, you need a companion who will show you what is important right from the start. Learn which products are suitable for sale on Amazon, what characterizes a good product listing and how you can offer your products throughout Europe with Amazon’s “Fulfillment by Amazon” program. In order for your products to be found, you will learn how the Amazon algorithm works and how you can generate more sales with the help of advertisements, vouchers or lightning offers and thus make it to the top of the Amazon search. With our book you have the challenges of day-to-day business effortlessly at hand with specific tips on self-organization, process automation, brand management and success measurement. Incl.

From the content:

  • Set up seller account
  • Product selection criteria
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), international expansion
  • Create perfect product listings
  • Get good reviews
  • Measures to increase sales
  • Sponsored products, coupons, discounts, lightning deals
  • Selling internationally
  • Success analysis
  • Brand building and maintenance
  • Process automation, ERP connection

Authors:  Trutz Fries is the founder and managing director of the Amazon agency Revoic and the Amazon analysis tool Amalytix. Stephan Bruns has been a seller on Amazon since 2012 and advises dealers and vendors on listing optimization, marketing and other topics. He is a co-founder of Revoic.

Amazon Marketing: The practical book for more success at Amazon

Christian Otto Kelm

The ultimate practical guide to Amazon marketing. The practice book deserves its name and is a standard work that belongs on the desk or in the e-book reader of every online retailer. With the help of this guide, retailers develop their own, functioning Amazon marketing strategy.

  • Basics, content, optimization, strategies, tips and tricks
  • Optimize the findability and visibility of your own products
  • Amazon SEO, SEM, Coupons and Discounts, Lightning Deals

Blurb: Please don’t expect a simple 10-point plan that you just have to follow. Amazon is too complex and cannot be cracked with a simple set of rules. Get involved with Christian Kelm’s strategic and operational considerations, play them through yourself and apply them to your own requirements, true to the motto: helping people to help themselves. How to find the best solution for you to boost your own sales on Amazon and increase visibility.

From the content:

  • The right Amazon strategy
  • Increase discoverability
  • Content creation for the marketplace
  • Measure and increase performance
  • Advertise successfully with good content
  • Paid advertising
  • Sponsored Products
  • Product Display Ads
  • Amazon Advertising Platform

Author: Christian Kelm is the best-known Amazon expert in German-speaking countries – some of the most successful vendors and sellers rely on his knowledge of Amazon. He was a keynote speaker at over 100 specialist conferences and passed on his knowledge to the participants in numerous workshops.

The E-Commerce Book: Market Analysis – Business Models – Strategies

Alexander Graf and Holger Schneider

The e-commerce book is a strategic guide that helps you adapt or develop your own e-commerce business model. Lots of case studies illustrate the development of business models using different e-commerce companies. Required reading for everyone who is looking for background knowledge in addition to everyday practice.

Blurb: The e-commerce trade has written a success story that no market participant has long been able to escape. Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, but also specialized niche providers, are revolutionizing the industry almost every day. Innovative forms of marketing, sales channels and technical solutions represent significant challenges, but also open up great opportunities for trade and industry.
The e-commerce book, meanwhile a standard work in the industry, is now available in a completely revised and updated 3rd edition. As the anniversary edition, the book is presented in paperback. It provides professionals and beginners with basic knowledge across all retail sectors, a comprehensive market overview (with a detailed analysis of the Chinese market) and includes successful strategy approaches from the best in the industry as well as 50 current case studies with key facts and evaluations. Numerous illustrations, case studies and insider tips complete the presentation.

Authors: Alexander Graf is the founder and managing director of the leading e-commerce software company Spryker Systems in Berlin. He is also the editor of the popular e-commerce magazine Kassenzone.de.

Holger Schneider heads the E-Commerce Bachelor and Master courses at the Wedel University of Applied Sciences. His teaching activities include strategic and operational topics in e-commerce. In order to guarantee a practical training of his students, Schneider works together with numerous cooperation companies within the framework of practical projects.

The new online trade: business models, business systems and benchmarks in e-commerce

Gerrit Heinemann

A textbook in the best sense of the word that conveys all the important backgrounds and practical aspects. Here, too, a lot of strategic knowledge is conveyed, but in comparison to Graf and Schneider’s “Das E-Commerce-Buch” the book does not have a pure strategy focus and conveys a lot of necessary background knowledge about strategies.

Blurb: This book presents developments and future trends in e-commerce, which is shaped by the new digital communication and consumption patterns of customers. Gerrit Heinemann examines e-commerce business models, channel excellence and success factors such as digital time advantages and customer focus. He analyzes the digital challenges and shows the consequences and the opportunities associated with online trading. Recognized best practices illustrate how successful digital commerce works and what the lessons learned over the past few years have been.

The 11th edition describes what online retailers can do to reinvent themselves and survive against Amazon, and what founders should consider in order to get off to a successful start in online retail with innovative business models. All chapters have been revised and expanded to include current topics such as performance marketing, audience targeting, digital branding and shop design, as well as new findings from the ExO organization and frictionless business. In particular, numerous new legal requirements have been taken into account, such as two-factor authentication, the geoblocking regulation and of course GDPR and upload filters.


The content:

  • Meta targeting and business ideas in online trading
  • Business model of online trading
  • Forms of online trading
  • Business systems and benchmarks in e-commerce
  • Best practices and risks in online trading

Author:  Gerrit Heinemann is professor for business administration, management and trade as well as head of the eWeb Research Center at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences.

You have to make miracles yourself: How to turn the economy upside down

Sina Trinkwalder

Sina Trinkwalder’s own success story appeared in 2013, but more contemporary than ever in the aftermath of the corona pandemic. It shows that online retailers and brands can and must take responsibility in order to enable a more sustainable society. Your company Manomama has a pioneering position as an ecological and social company. At the beginning of the pandemic, Trinkwalder switched the production of her textile company to mouth-and-nose protection.

Blurb: It brings people out of unemployment. She manufactures in Germany. She pays high wages. Your collection is chic and ecological. Politicians and the media are scrambling for them. Her name is Sina Trinkwalder. This is their message.
Because, contrary to popular belief, anyone who is convinced that textiles can be manufactured in Germany at competitive prices must have a message. Sina Trinkwalder is not an entrepreneur who believes in increasing returns by relocating jobs to Asia – but in the fundamental importance of a self-earned livelihood for people who can proudly participate in society.
Sina Trinkwalder’s “Manomama” is the horror of the employers ‘association, the media topic, the politicians’ preferred dates – and Sina Trinkwalder is the favorite of her seamstresses.
Here is the story of this young woman and her impressive company.

The t3n Guide “Digitize Retail”

Jochen G. Fuchs

E-commerce novice or retailer looking for a way into digitization? For the perfect introduction to online retail, we give you tips so that you can quickly find your way around the world of digital retail. On 167 pages we clarify legal questions and show you which shop systems are most suitable for which case. For an optimal start in your digital business.

The guide at a glance

  • Tips for getting started with e-commerce
  • Overviews of different shop systems
  • Digital solutions for various industries
  • Guide for successful customer communication
  • Checklists for the most important things you need to do
  • Instructions for a legally secure online shop
  • Introduction to Ecommerce Marketing
  • As a practical PDF file for reading and printing

Author: Jochen Fuchs has been an editor for e-commerce at t3n for many years. The expert has spent over 20 years in the retail world, of which more than ten years have been active in various positions, from salesman and branch manager to analyst and e-commerce project manager

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