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We’re delighted to announce that the memoir finalists for September are Peta Shaw for ‘The Leather Coat’ and Heather MacKenzie for ‘Wind the Clocks Back’. Check out their terrific work below:


‘The Leather Coat’ by Peta Shaw…My trade teacher tapped his watch with a stubby forefinger when I walked in late. ‘We Germans are punctual!’ he chided. There was an ironic glint in his eye; I knew him to be harmless…Read more.



‘Wind Back the Clocks’ by Heather MacKenzie…It is as though I see the old house laid out below me like a doll’s house from which the roof has been lifted. There’s the kitchen, the light left on for my brother who has stayed in town after work with his mates...Read more.


The memoir finalists for August are Kathy George for ‘Isolation’ and Patricia Swan for ‘Days of Fear and Wonder’:

‘Isolation’ by Kathy George…I come in from walking the dog and notice I have a text message. I have to get my mind around the time difference. My son’s in New Zealand, snowboarding with mates. It’s 9:00AM there, and very cold. Read more.



‘Days of Fear and Wonder’ by Patricia Swan…This, truly, I promise you, is how it really was, or seemed to be. It is what I remember. This was not Hobbiton, Ruritania, or the Lost Land of Lyonesse, but the drab, post-war North East of England, where I was born… Read more.