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We’re delighted to announce that the genre (hauntings) finalists for October are Susan Bennett for ‘Night Shift’ and Nathan Hewitt for ‘The Vulture on Cornflake’. Check out their work below:


‘Night Shift’ by Susan Bennett…Any nurse could tell you of certain things that only happen on the night shift—eerie things. Those who spoke candidly would describe shadows that dissolve immediately once glimpsed, or whispers that fall silent whenever a door is opened to investigate them…Read more.



‘The Vulture on Cornflake’ by Nathan Hewitt…May as well be drivin’ across the surface of Mars. The Intercity Cannonball Run is long, flat, and orange. Orange rocks, orange dust, burnt orange faces in the cabs burnin’ past you northways. If you make the run right from gate to gate you have, at best, six hours all by yourself….Read more.