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Field of Words is an organisation dedicated to helping emerging writers grow. We run international writing competitions across the categories of short story, flash fiction, memoir, and feature/genre fiction, meaning there’s something for all types of writers, all year round. Each category offers cash prizes (AUD). We publish successful entries (winners, runners-up, monthly finalists) on the website. Visit our writing competitions page for details.

We also offer highly affordable critiquing and editing services. See the Critiquing and Editing Services page for more information.

We’re excited to be introducing a new Emerging Writers’ Course (Short Fiction), that will be up and running by the end of April, 2017. All course participants will be in the running to have their work published in the inaugural edition of our creative collection/anthology, ‘Offshoots, which will be released as an electronic publication around December 2017/January 2018. ‘Offshoots‘ available to purchase in print ‘on demand’ through the Field of Words website. Stay tuned for more news on these exciting developments.

On this site, you’ll also find the Field of Words blog, where we discuss a vast range of creative writing techniques and subjects; we also offer loads of free writing tips!


Announcing our winner and runner-up for the 2017 memoir competition…

Congratulations to Peta Shaw who is our memoir winner for ‘The Leather Coat’:


‘The Leather Coat’ by Peta Shaw…My trade teacher tapped his watch with a stubby forefinger when I walked in late. ‘We Germans are punctual!’ he chided. There was an ironic glint in his eye; I knew him to be harmless. Read more.


We’d also like to congratulate Kathy George, who is our memoir runner up for her piece ‘Isolation’:


‘Isolation’ by Kathy George…I come in from walking the dog and notice I have a text message. I have to get my mind around the time difference. My son’s in New Zealand, snowboarding with mates. It’s 9:00AM there, and very cold. Read more.


Announcing our winner and runner-up for the 2017 flash fiction competition…

Congrat’s to our flash fiction winner Abbey Hunt for ‘Absent City’:


(Pic by Michael Pardo.) ‘Absent City’ by Abbey Hunt…There’s not much light left coming through the trees. I forgot to hang out my washing. My neighbor’s kid is crying and I sit here, listening to the crows. Read more...


Congratulations are also in order for our runner-up Jackie Trott for ‘Cathedrals of Eucalypt’:


‘Cathedrals of Eucalypt’ by Jackie Trott…One hundred eyes track skies as they wait for her. Their shoulders ache under a sadistic sun, scorching without remorse. The day is followed by night with no relief…read more.


Announcing our winner and runner-up for the 2017 short story competition…

Congratulations to our short story winner, Kathy George, for ‘Telling a Weed From a Flower’:


‘Telling a Weed From a Flower’ by Kathy George…Miss Louw walked the aisles between our desks, mannish arms folded across a flat chest, narrow tweed skirt rustling against stockinged legs. Read more.


Congrat’s are also in order for our runner-up, Julia Thatcher, for ‘Insomnia’:


‘Insomnia’ by Julia Thatcher…The police station is dirty and grey and tired. We enter slowly. The constable behind the counter ignores us because he is on the phone. Read more.