Module 5 The Intricacies of Veiwpoint

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In this module, participants will learn about different types of point of view and how to deploy these in story writing. They will also investigate the importance of time in terms of point of view, along with the effects that different points of view have upon narrative. Consisting of three units, this module contains a number of writing exercises and recommended readings.


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The Intricacies of Viewpoint
This is a single module (the fifth within the Emerging Writers' Course) that covers units concerning point of view in fiction. Participants will learn about different viewpoints, along with the potential effects upon narrative of using any given point of view. Participants will study the effects of different points of view upon story aesthetics, including the varying degrees/sense of distance, time and space that can be achieved through manipulating points of view. Effects associated with the unreliable narrator will also be investigated. Consisting of three units, this module contains various writing exercises and recommended readings.
Module 1 The Intricacies of Viewpoint
Unit 1 Investigating Point of View (for Single Module)
Unit 2 The Effects of Point of View (for Single Module)
Unit 3 Studying Contrasting Points of View (for Single Module)


Remember, all participants will be able to submit a piece of fiction up to 2,500 words for prospective/possible inclusion in ‘Offshoots’, a Field of Words publication due out late 2017/early 2018.


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